Welcome to Ex Libris Juris!

This new blog from the Harris County Law Library is a forum for our law librarians to communicate useful information to our patrons. Ranging from new and featured resources to training session announcements to research tips and local legal news, posts will cover a wide variety of legal and research topics of interest in Houston and Harris County, Texas. Check back regularly and set up an RSS feed to stay up to date on the latest from the Law Library.

What’s behind the name? “Ex Libris Juris” is Latin for “from the books of law” and much of the information here will relate to the legal information collected and curated by the Law Library. Additionally, “Ex Libris” has long appeared on bookplates – labels appearing inside the front cover of books – and has acquired the connoted meaning “from the library of” to show ownership of the book. Using this connotation, the phrase becomes “from the library of law” and better describes the posts about digital resources, event announcements, and research tips that will regularly appear here.