Immigration Law Resource Month

In October, we at the Harris County Law Library are continuing to highlight our collection of immigration law resources. Throughout the month, we will feature materials, in the library an online, to assist you in conducting research and learning about immigration law in the United States.

Several new immigration law resources are now on our shelves, including the 15th edition of Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, and the 17th edition of U.S. Immigration Made Easy, published by Nolo Press. On Westlaw, you can access the latest immigration news and analysis, as well as immigration law treatises, and official immigration forms. Lexis provides additional access to popular immigration titles, including Benders Immigration Law Bulletin and Benders Immigration Case Reporter. Both Westlaw and Lexis can be accessed on our computers in the Law Library.

These titles are just a few of the immigration law items in our collection. Additional resources will be featured throughout the month in the Law Library and on our blog.