Latest and Greatest - Texas DWI Manual

Picture this: You are comfortably seated in your office with your cup of coffee sorting through your email when the telephone rings. On the other end of the line is a hysterical woman. She has been arrested for DWI. What do you do?

By Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tucker James Publishing, Inc. (2015) KFT 1497.8 .G73

By Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tucker

James Publishing, Inc. (2015)

KFT 1497.8 .G73

For starters, you can visit the Harris County Law Library. It is, after all, Criminal Defense Law Resource Month, and we recently acquired the most recent edition of the Texas DWI Manual published by James Publishing, Inc. This book, complete with forms, will direct you through the initial client interview and the subsequent case investigation and discovery process as well as the administrative driver’s license revocation hearing. In addition, you will learn the elements of a DWI, the various intoxication offenses and their punishment, and the charging instruments used in DWI cases.

Confused by the different field sobriety tests and their admissibility and use at trial? Don’t fret. The authors examine the fundamentals of the DWI breath test and explain how to attack the test and the results on both direct and cross-examination.  In addition, they analyze the methods and strategies involved when using blood alcohol tests as evidence.

Of course, success is not always guaranteed. That is why the authors also discuss punishment options and education and treatment programs as well as error preservation, appeals, and expunctions.

So, before you go ahead and accept that DWI case, be sure to have a look at Texas DWI Manual. It is filled with lots of useful information you will need to competently defend your client. You can find it in our Texas Criminal section or you can ask one of our helpful librarians..