Law Day 2016: Miranda - More Than Words

American Bar Association Law Day 2016: More Than Words

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. In recognition of this historic decision, the American Bar Association has dedicated its annual Law Day celebration to the impact of Miranda and its role in safeguarding our personal rights. The theme -- Miranda: More Than Words – will “explore the procedural protections afforded to all of us by the U.S. Constitution, how these rights are safeguarded by the courts, and why the preservation of these principles is essential to our liberty.” (ABA)

To commemorate the Miranda decision, the Harris County Law Library has created an exhibit, which is currently on display in the library lobby. Three prize-winning posters, submitted to the Houston Bar Association’s annual Law Day contest, are also on view, along with a display copy of the contest’s  winning essay. We are grateful to the HBA and local school children for sharing this beautiful selection of artwork and writing with the library and its visitors.

Every week in the month of May, Ex Libris Juris will spotlight some aspect of the Miranda ruling. These “Miranda Monday” blog posts will explore how the case has influenced the administration of justice and the protection of our rights. Until next week, Happy Law Day!