Latest and Greatest - Suppressing Criminal Evidence

Are you considering filing a motion to suppress evidence that was obtained through a warrantless search of your client’s vehicle?

By Deja Vishny James Publishing, Inc. (2016) KF 9662 .V57 2016

By Deja Vishny

James Publishing, Inc. (2016)

KF 9662 .V57 2016

Do you want to challenge a coerced confession or one made under Miranda v. Arizona?

Then, look than further than the Harris County Law Library’s new acquisition, Suppressing Criminal Evidence. This volume, complete with forms, will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of filing a motion to suppress from the initial client interview and discovery through actually drafting the motion and litigating it in court. The author provides a summary of the laws surrounding Fourth Amendment searches and seizures, including searches of the home, the standards of probable cause and reasonable suspicion, motor vehicle searches, and searches and seizures of electronic devices. She also discusses the suppression of confessions and other statements and police interrogation practices. Included in this volume are over 40 forms including sample motions to suppress and more than 80 pattern cross-examinations to assist you during the hearing on your motion to suppress. There are numerous practice pointers and tips throughout the book.

Before you file your next (or first) motion to suppress, come to the Harris County Law Library and have a look at Suppressing Criminal Evidence. Who knows? That evidence you got suppressed just may save your client.