More Perfect, WNYC Podcast explores the rarEfied world of the Supreme Court

Radiolab presents More Perfect, an new podcast from WYNC that delves into the Supreme Court.

As recently reported by the New York Times, a new podcast is headed for the airwaves (or to a smartphone) near you. It’s called More Perfect, and it promises not to disappoint! This seven-week series will explore the history and lesser-known details of selected Supreme Court cases, giving special attention to their impact on everyday American lives. Jad Abumrad, a 2011 MacArthur Fellow whose curiosity and imagination know no limits, will host the show, and WNYC, the New York City public radio station that’s known for its innovative original programming, will produce it.

As a spin-off of the award-winning podcast, Radiolab, this new series is guaranteed to be a hit. Two episodes have already been posted, the first of which covers the history of the death penalty, and, in particular, the phrase, “cruel and unusual.” Embedded in the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution, these words are a safeguard against the government’s imposition of excessive bail, fines, or punishment. The second episode, The Political Thicket, looks at Baker v. Carr, a 1962 redistricting case that Chief Justice Earl Warren called “the most important case of my tenure on the court.” (C-SPAN reported on this case in December 2015 as part of its Landmark Cases series.) A new episode of the More Perfect podcast will be posted each week until mid-July. Tune in now or subscribe to the program via your favorite app or feed.