Latest & Greatest – Texas Probate Forms & Procedures

By M. Keith Branyon  Published by James Publishing  KFT 1244 .A6 B73

By M. Keith Branyon

Published by James Publishing

KFT 1244 .A6 B73

January is Wills and Probate Resource Month here at the Harris County Law Library, so we are featuring various resources to assist you with your wills drafting, estate planning, and probate administering needs. In this regard, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new title: Texas Probate Forms & Procedures. Featuring more than 200 sample forms, this book covers the steps of the probate process from the initial client interview and engagement through the closing of the administration and so much more. The author begins by discussing the considerations involved in choosing the appropriate types of proceedings and administrations as well as the proper venue and court. He pays particular attention to the various administrations that exist here in Texas, such as temporary, independent, and dependent administrations and explains the steps involved in the process from the preparing and filing of the initial application to the hearing and the attendant duties that fall upon the representatives in each type of administration. The author also focuses upon other proceedings and probate alternatives, such as: muniment of title, determination of heirship, small estate affidavits, and orders of no administration. You can also find chapters devoted to emergency procedures, such as emergency applications prior to probate and examination of documents, the procedures involved with probating a foreign will, the handling of creditors and their claims, tax considerations, and will contests.

Be sure to have a look at Texas Probate Forms & Procedures and all of other wills and probate law resources the next time you visit the Harris County Law Library.