The Law of Impeachment - a digital exhibit from the Harris County Law Library

The legal history of impeachment is on display at the Harris County Law Library and online as a digital exhibit. Learn about the sources of law useful for researching the impeachment process, and historical cases of impeachment under both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions. The exhibit features works from the Law Library’s historical collection, including an original 1868 printing by the U.S. Government Publishing Office of the record of proceedings in the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson. You can also find a copy of Record of Proceedings of the High Court of Impeachment on the Trial of Hon. James Ferguson, Governor, which has been a part of the Law Library’s collection for over 100 years and chronicles the only case of impeachment against a sitting governor of Texas.

Plan your visit to see “The Law of Impeachment” exhibit at our downtown Houston location or visit our website to view the digital exhibit today!