Color the Law: Celebrate National Coloring Book Day

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day! To celebrate, we’ve compiled this list of freely available coloring pages from across the web, all related to the courts, judges, and the legal system. Have fun!

State Bar of Texas Activity Books First on the list, and deserving of special mention, are the State Bar of Texas activity books. Previously on Ex Libris Juris, we discussed the value of having these terrific resources on hand to share with families who visit the Law Library. Many thanks to the State Bar of Texas for making these coloring books available to our young visitors. Offering these activity books is a simple gesture, but keeping restless children engaged with a fun distraction while their parents deal with the stress of self representation can be invaluable. Two titles — Luis Goes to Court, and Let’s Learn a Little about The Law — can be requested at the Law Library Reference Desk or downloaded by clicking on the images below.

More Coloring Fun

For Fun: Colorful Facts About Coloring Books for Adults

At its peak in 2016, the adult coloring book craze attracted all kinds of media attention. It was also big business. Plenty of trend watchers theorized about why and how the frenzy evolved. A fair number of critics were among them, deriding those who claimed that coloring is a path to mindfulness and creative expression. Regardless, coloring as a meditative activity for adults is still a popular pastime. Other therapeutic activities have gotten a lot of attention in recent months, but simply putting colored pencil on paper is, for many, still a very satisfying activity.

Our advice: Find your favorite online source for printable coloring pages, and cue up this song to supplement your coloring joy. You may discover that, yes, coloring books (like those featured above) can be educational and interactive learning tools for children, but for adults, they are purely fun. Happy National Coloring Book Day!