Hands-on Legal Tech Training

Welcome to the Hands-On Legal Tech Training program from the Legal Tech Institute at the Harris County Law Library. Since 2016, the Legal Tech Institute has provided learning opportunities focused on the tech you need to do your legal work. The hands-on program enhances those opportunities by providing the chance to practice legal tech skills as they are taught, thereby increasing retention and the potential to reduce the skill to praxis, not just theory. Explore this page to learn more about the hands-on opportunities available and visit our Legal Tech Institute course calendar to register for our free Hands-On Legal Tech Training sessions.

2019 Course Catalog

For the second year of the Hands-On Legal Tech Training program, our law librarian-instructors have created five new courses, which we will offer on rotation, on a weekly basis, every Thursday afternoon at 2:00 pm for one hour. 

Each course is divided into three sections designed to demonstrate techniques for all skill levels. Look for descriptions of each section in the Course Catalog.

When you are ready to register for a course, visit the Legal Tech Institute course calendar to find session details, registration information, and a calendar entry you can download as a reminder. One detail you won't find is a price - all programs at the Harris County Law Library are always free and open to all. Get started today!

Legal Tech Lab

The new Legal Tech Lab at the Harris County Law Library is the home of the Hands-On Legal Tech Training program. The Lab is fully integrated into the Law Library's research space and provides the perfect setting for participants to learn the tech skills they need to get legal work done at the Law Library and downtown courthouse campus. With seating for nine, the Lab also provides opportunity for participants and instructors to interact, ensuring individualized attention to promote skills development.

Powered by a generous grant from the Texas Bar Foundation

The Texas Bar Foundation awarded a $23,000 grant to the Harris County Law Library to expand its Legal Tech Institute. The funding will go toward the Hands-on Legal Tech Training program, which will provide computers and software for those in attendance to use during Legal Tech Institute training session. Click the press release to read more about the program and grant, and check back to see our progress over the next year.

The Harris County Law Library is very grateful to the Texas Bar Foundation for its generous support! Visit txbf.org to learn more about TBF and the programs it supports.