Women's History Month Resources

In 1987, Congress passed a law designating March as Women’s History Month. In his proclamation, issued exactly 20 years ago on this day, President Reagan called upon “all Americans to mark this month with appropriate observances to honor the achievements of American women.”

The Harris County Law Library is doing its part to recognize this annual event and the continued commemoration of women’s roles in shaping our nation. Along with our exhibit in the Law Library lobby, which looks back at the life and legal career of pioneering Houston attorney, Camille Openshaw, we’ve put together this list of resources to help recognize the contributions of women in the legal profession today.

The great number and variety of institutes, organizations, and professional alliances that now exist are evidence of how the profession has evolved. This coalition of women in law also demonstrates the strength and support of the community that women in law have created. These organizations call attention to issues long-championed by women rights advocates including education, employment, economic security, child care, and reproductive rights. To learn more, take a look at these resources: