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Affordable Practice Management Software

ABA Legal Technology Buyer's Guide is an excellent resource for a variety of law practice management solutions. Explore an extensive directory of options and find the right tools to boost your practice, including applications for client development, e-discovery, trial support, data security, virtual law practice, and more.

AbacusLaw is a complete time, billing, accounting, and case management platform offering a variety of cloud-based law office solutions. Calendaring, data capture, client management, document generation, billing, accounting, and database encryption are included. Schedule a demo to learn about additional features.

Clio is one of the most commonly used practice management systems for solo and small firm practitioners. Features include advanced document management, quick and easy legal billing, and integration with many popular apps, including Box, Dropbox, Fastcase, Google Drive, and Office 365. A free trial is available.

CosmoLex is a 100% cloud-based solution with unlimited data storage and secure client access. It combines all the tools you need to run your law practice, including scheduling and task management, time calculation and billing, trust (IOLTA) accounting, document automation, and email. Try it free for 30 days.

MyCase legal practice management software is an all-in-one solution used by thousands of legal professionals to assemble documents, manage cases, track time, bill clients, and get organized. CosmoLex integrates with Quickbooks and is available as a web-based or mobile application. Request a free trial.

Rocket Matter is a law firm management platform designed to increase efficiency and streamline your workflow. Task management, document automation, and time tracking features reduce administrative work, while sophisticated analytics keep track of productivity via the customized dashboard. Try it free for seven days.

PracticePanther is a secure, comprehensive practice management solution used by solo, virtual, small, and medium firms. Client communications, content management resources, billing and accounting capabilities, and full integration with a variety of popular apps are just a few of its features. Schedule a demo.

Organizations, Networks, and Institutes for Innovation

State Bar of Texas Tech Resources provides information and resources to help attorneys navigate the intersection of technology and the law. Included are links to videos, online resources from TexasBarCLE, technology articles from the Texas Bar Journal, law practice management tools, and a link to the State Bar's Computer and Technology Section.

The Center for Internet and Society is built on the contributions of scholars, academics, legislators, students, programmers, security researchers, and scientists who study the interaction of new technologies and the law, and examines how the synergy between the two can either promote or harm the public good.

The Legal Technology Resource Center provides legal technology resources to ABA members through various outlets including a technology blog, publications, monthly webinars and its extensive website. The LTRC staff also collaborates with the ABA Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems

At CodeX, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists work to advance legal technology, bringing new levels of efficiency, transparency, and access to legal systems around the world. CodeX‘s emphasis is on the research and development of computational law and the automation and mechanization of legal analysis.

ILTA supports its constituents through peer-developed educational programming, knowledge-sharing communities, and a monthly publication. ILTA gives members the opportunity to establish peer connections through its global network of legal professionals and to provide a lifetime of professional support.

The Law Lab is a premier interdisciplinary teaching and research center focused on legal innovation and technology.  As part of the Illinois Tech - Chicago-Kent College of Law, The Law Lab is poised to provide a unique academic experience where law, technology, finance, science, and design converge.

Legal Hackers is a global movement of lawyers, policymakers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to pressing legal issues. Through local meetups, hackathons, and workshops, Legal Hackers seek opportunities to improve and inform the practice of law. Institute is a Houston-based organization that leverages technology and global community collaboration to achieve justice for all. IBO seeks to build the Justice Layer of the Internet, as a community of equals, through education, access to resources, and individual empowerment.

Open Law Lab is a hub for legal design, a movement to make the law more accessible, more usable, and more engaging. The project’s broad mission is to document past, current, and possible initiatives that can increase access to justice through technology & design.

Legal Journalism, Podcasts, and Blogs

Tech Tuesday is a weekly feature of the Harris County Law Library blog, Ex Libris Juris, where a new legal tech topic is presented each Tuesday. Some posts provide practical tips for conducting more efficient legal work, while others highlight important trends and developments in law office technology.

Excel Esquire is the blog of attorney and former engineer Ben J. Kusmin who developed the site to give other attorneys the skill and confidence they need to successfully navigate in Excel. Learn to exploit the finer points of Excel to stay one step ahead of your adversaries and keep your clients happy.

Above the Law is an online legal publication that covers all aspects of the legal landscape including government, legal education, big law, solo law, in-house counsel, the justice system, and legal tech. Subscribe to the ATL Legal Technology Newsletter to keep up with the latest developments and trends in legal tech. 

Law Technology Today (LTT) is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. LTT brings together lawyers, technology professionals, and practice management experts from a range of backgrounds to provide the legal community with practical guidance and sensible strategies for effective practice management. is a tribe of small-firm lawyers focused on client-centric services, future-oriented technology, profit-oriented business models, and access to justice as a core value. Become a Lawyerist Insider to receive special benefits including the Insider email newsletter.

Legal Talk Network is an online media network for legal professionals. Highlighting important issues and information in a talk show format, the podcasts featured on Legal Talk Network are hosted by leading professionals in the legal industry and feature high profile guests who share their experience and expertise.

Legaltech News provides lucid, insightful, and jargon-free coverage of legal technology trends to an audience of legal industry professionals, helping them use technology and innovation to deliver faster, better, and cheaper legal services. LegalTech's diverse audience is made up of lawyers, IT leaders, paralegals, support staff and vendors.