Access HeinOnline On Your Mobile Device @ HCLL

Access HeinOnline via HCLL WiFi

Modern legal research is accomplished on a variety of screens from laptops to tablets and smartphones. At the Harris County Law Library, all of these devices are welcome. Free WiFi is available, and now, you have free access to the Law Library’s HeinOnline subscription when your device is connected to HCLL WiFi.

What’s included

HeinOnline is an excellent database for law review and historical research. The Law Library’s subscription includes a full catalog of U.S. law reviews and journals, which give you access to cutting-edge legal topics not yet covered in practice guides and extensive citations to topical materials. The subscription also includes several historical databases of interest to Harris County legal researchers, including Texas Session Laws: 1836-2013 for legislative history research. All databases are fully searchable and results are displayed using Hein’s signature reproductions of actual pages from the printed sources.

Get connected

When accessing HeinOnline through the Law Library’s WiFi, you have two options:

1.      Using a browser, visit and click the “Log In” button. This process will redirect your browser to the database once your location is authenticated.

2.      You may also use the HeinOnline App on your tablet or smartphone to connect. Download the app to your device and simply open it while connected to HCLL WiFi. As a bonus for using the App, you can continue to access the database on any network for 30 days after you connect via HCLL WiFi.

Visit HCLL today to get started.