Latest & Greatest – Law of Remedies: Damages – Equity – Restitution

By Dan B. Dobbs & Caprice L. Roberts  Published by West Academic Publishing (2018)  KF 9010 .D6 2018

By Dan B. Dobbs & Caprice L. Roberts

Published by West Academic Publishing (2018)

KF 9010 .D6 2018

Now in its third edition, Law of Remedies: Damages – Equity – Restitution, takes some of the guesswork out of determining the type of relief an individual is entitled to and how much relief should be given. The authors of this volume, which is part of West Academic’s Hornbook Series, discuss the main kinds of remedies, their availability, their classification, i.e. whether it is at law or in equity, and the methods of deciding which remedy is best for the case at hand. They delve into the history and development of equitable remedies, such as injunctive relief, specific performance, declaratory judgments, and restitution, and the role that discretion plays in the granting or denying of such equitable relief. The authors also address the principles of damages, i.e. money awards, including how those damages are measured and adjusted. Of interest as well is the discussion of the remedies available for specific types of harms, such as those to interests in land, interference with economic rights, invasion of civil rights and dignitary interests, personal injury and death, fraud and misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, and unconscionable conduct, mistakes, and breach of contract.

Although originally designed to assist law students by explaining legal concepts encountered in their law school courses, hornbooks are also great tools for practitioners who are unfamiliar with an area of law or need to brush up on some legal principles. So, if you need to refresh your memory on the law of remedies, be sure to have a look at the Law of Remedies: Damages – Equity – Restitution.